Order/Circular No

Order/Circular Date


Estab/20/17881-900 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

03-01-2020 Order

Estab/20/17845-80 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

03-01-2020 Order

Estab/19/17767-92 (Promotion/ Adjustments)

01-01-2020 Order

RA/19/5053-5103 (PhD Thesis)

31-12-2019 Circular

Adm/TW/19/7496-7555 (Dr. Sameer Gupta)

27-12-2019 Order

Estab/19/17376-475 (Class IV employees)

26-12-2019 Circular

Estab/19/17099-129 (Science Departments, Accounts Branch and Budget & Finance Section shall remain functional on 21st & 22nd December, 2019)

20-12-2019 Order

Estab/19/16770-869 (Group Personal Accidental lnsurance Policy)

17-12-2019 Order

Adm/TW/19/7325-74 (Superannuation)

16-12-2019 Order

Estab/19/16500-699 (Officials under transfer have not joined their new places)

16-12-2019 Circular

Estab/19/16414-28 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

12-12-2019 Order

F.Acd/I/19/6712-6811 (Items to be placed before Academic Council)

11-12-2019 Circular

Estab/19/16193-292 (Superannuation)

10-12-2019 Circular

Estab/19/16045-144 (Grievances Redressal Cell)

06-12-2019 Order

Estab/19/15876-975 (Class-IV employees)

03-12-2019 Circular

Estab/19/15828-46 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

02-12-2019 Order

Estab/19/15640-780 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

29-11-2019 Order

Adm/TW/19/7024-73 (Dr. Shiv Dev Singh Manhas)

22-11-2019 Order

HCUJ/19/679-879 (Free Multi Speciality Health Check up Camp)

18-11-2019 Circular

F.Acd/I/19/6119-6218 (Items to be placed before Academic Council)

14-11-2019 Circular

Estab/19/12725-78 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

14-11-2019 Order

Estab/19/12561-660 (Dr. Pritam Singh)

13-11-2019 Order

Estab/19/12461-560 (Application forms, fee etc on account of preparation of Smart Cards)

13-11-2019 Circular

Estab/19/12419-36 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

11-11-2019 Order

Estab/19/12044-12143 (Revisiting the virtues of Gandhian Philosophy)

06-11-2019 Circular

Estab/19/11746-61 (Promotion/ Adjustments)

01-11-2019 Order

Adm/TW/19/4024-54 (Dr. Parvinder Kour)

30-10-2019 Order

Estab/19/11526-625 (Lecture by Shri Sonam Wangchuk)

30-10-2019 Circular

Estab/19/10899-10998 (Details of permanent employee)

21-10-2019 Circular

Adm/TW/19/3003-50 (Details of permanent employee)

17-10-2019 Circular

Coord/Cir_UC/19/634-733 (86th Meeting of the University Council)

15-10-2019 Circular

Estab/19/10075-10174 (Details of permanent employee)

03-10-2019 Circular

Estab/19/9994-10044 (Promotion/ Adjustments)

01-10-2019 Order

Estab/19/9751-850 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

27-09-2019 Order

Estab/19/8538-57 (Promotion/ Adjustments)

11-09-2019 Order

Estab/19/8066-90 (Promotion/ Adjustments)

02-09-2019 Order

Estab/19/7473-7572 (Cleanliness in various blocks/ areas)

23-08-2019 Circular

Estab/19/7277-7376 (Submitting of APRs/ Work and Conduct Reports)

23-08-2019 Circular

Estab/19/7140-7239 (Verification of Documents/ Certificates/ Degrees)

22-08-2019 Order

Adm/TW/19/2074-2123 (Dr. Vishav Raksha)

20-08-2019 Order

Estab/19/6912-20 (Dr. Saran Preet Kour Broca)

19-08-2019 Order

Estab/19/6757-6856 (Dr. Parmil Kumar)

16-08-2019 Order

Estab/19/6696-6756 (Adjustments/ Transfers)

16-08-2019 Order

Estab/19/6519-38 (Promotions)

01-08-2019 Order

Adm/TW/19/1706-55 (CAS)

31-07-2019 Circular

Adm/TW/19/1652-1701 (Dr. Anuradha Sharma)

31-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/6112-6211 (Computerization of Employee details)

23-07-2019 Circular

Estab/19/6027-55 (Relieving Order)

22-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/6008-18 (85th University Council Resolution No. 85.26 dated 20.04.2019)

22-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/5884-96 (Adjustments)

18-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/5528-5627 (ABN Personnel Network)

15-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/5285-95 (Adjustments)

09-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/5090-5189 (Superannuation)

04-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/4880-4932 (Adjustments/Transfers)

01-07-2019 Order

Estab/19/3896-3995 (Seniority list of Safaiwalas (Helpers))

14-06-2019 Circular

Estab/19/3741-3840 (Dr. Daud Iqbal Baba)

13-06-2019 Order

Estab/19/3037-59 (Adjustments)

03-06-2019 Order

Estab/19/3007-19 (RUSA)

30-05-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/761-80 (Dr. Avtar Singh) 28-05-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/711-60 (Dr. Hardeep Chahal) 28-05-2019 Order

RUSAJU/2019-20/43/523-573 (RUSA)

27-05-2019 Circular

No./Coord/Cir/19/207-306 (115th meeting of the University Syndicate)

20-05-2019 Circular
Adm/TW/19/514-63 (Employees/ Teachers/ Research Scholars falling under FCRA ) 17-05-2019 Circular

Estab/19/2253-352 (Utilisation/ Disposal of the grants under RUSA)   (Corrigendum)

16-05-2019 Order

Estab/19/2240-52 (Adjustments/Transfers)

16-05-2019 Order

Estab/19/2205-39 (Adjustments/Transfers)

16-05-2019 Order

F.Acd./II/19/1299-1358 (Respond to various Academic/ Administrative matter in a time bound manner)

15-05-2019 Circular

Estab/19/2044-2143 (APR's)

15-05-2019 Circular

Estab/19/1696-1795 (Workshop on Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

09-05-2019 Circular

Estab/19/1596-1695 (Prof. Jasbir Singh, Prof. Sushil Kumar Pandey)

09-05-2019 Order

SS/JU/2019/88-188 (Free service camp for Photocopier Machines in University of Jammu)

02-05-2019 Circular

Estab/19/1338-1437 (Promotions)

01-05-2019 Order

Estab/19/1326-37 (Promotions)

01-05-2019 Order

Estab/19/1312-25 (Promotions)

01-05-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/323-72 (Head, Dept. of History) 30-04-2019 Order

Estab/19/953-1052GPF/Adv/19/25-124 (SRO 12 of 2018 dated 11th Jan, 2018)

26-04-2019 Circular

Estab/19/953-1052 (Organizing of function/ event)

23-04-2019 Circular

Estab/19/853-952 (Agreement with ABN Personnel Network for providing manpower)

23-04-2019 Circular

F.Acd./II/19/508-587(Prof. Jasbir Singh)

18-04-2019 Order

F.Acd./II/19/428-507(Prof. Renu Nanda)

18-04-2019 Order

Estab/19/655-754 (Execution, Operation & Custody of MoUs)

18-04-2019 Circular
Adm/TW/19/157-216 (Interaction of Assistant Professor) 15-04-2019 Circular
SPA/CE/19/933-992 (To provide information, to Examination wing) 09-04-2019 Circular
Adm/TW/19/85-134 (Superannuation) 08-04-2019 Order

Estab/19/56-63 (Sh. Ameet Targotra)

01-04-2019 Order

Estab/19/26-44 (Promotions)

01-04-2019 Order

Estab/19/26345-444 (Adoption of SRO 12 of 2018)

30-03-2019 Order

Estab/19/26211-310 (Contractuals/ Adhoc/ Consolidated/ Casual Labour basis)

29-03-2019 Order

Estab/19/26096-195 (Agreement with ABN Personal Network ends)

29-03-2019 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/19/2691-2741 (Enhanced monthly emoluments/ salary of contractual faculty) 27-03-2019 Order

Estab/19/25777-876 (Lok Sabha Election-2019)

26-03-2019 Circular
Adm/TW/19/4796-4845 (Committee to verify API scores) 14-03-2019 Order

Estab/19/24974-993 (Corrigendum to Annexure)

06-03-2019 Corrigendum

Estab/19/24737-836 (Resubmit PRAN)

05-03-2019 Circular
Adm/TW/19/4600-49 (Child Care Leave) 27-02-2019 Circular

Estab/19/24600-610 (Sh. Guneet Singh Sudan)

26-02-2019 Order

24250-320 (Committee for signing MOU between JU and J&K Bank)

14-02-2019 Notification

Estab/19/22673-720 (Adjustment/ Transfers )

05-02-2019 Order

Estab/19/22432-531 (Prof. Neetu Andotra)

01-02-2019 Notification
F.Acd/II/19/13215-13314 (Prof. Roopma Gandotra) 31-01-2019 Notification

Estab/19/22305-404 (Director, CDC)

31-01-2019 Order

RUSAJU/2018-19/27/1835-1904 (Committee for Digital Launch of RUSA Projects)

30-01-2019 Notification

Estab/19/22017-67 (Computer literacy to the Non-Teaching employees)

28-01-2019 Order

Estab/19/21812-911 (University Health Centre)

24-01-2019 Circular

Estab/19/21681-780 (Republic Day Celebration)

23-01-2019 Circular
F.Acd/I/19/12737-12836 (Meeting of Academic Council) 22-01-2019 Circular
Adm/TW/19/4163-212 (Prof. Rajni Dhingra) 21-01-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/4110-159 (Dr. Gurjeet Kaur) 21-01-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/3904-954 (Institute of Human Genetics) 10-01-2019 Order

Estab/19/21146-245 (Leave sanctioning powers)

10-01-2019 Order
Estab/19/20928-21027 (Officers to relieve the officials working under their kind control) 09-01-2019 Circular
JR(F)/19/342-92 (Financial Matters) 08-01-2019 Circular
Estab/19/20688-787 (Head Assistant fixation) 07-01-2019 Order
Estab/19/20612-635 (Promotions) 04-01-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/3735-84 (Probation period of newly Assistant Professors) 03-01-2019 Order
Adm/TW/19/3684-733 (Institute of Human Genetics) 03-01-2019 Order
Estab/19/20336-435 (Election Urgent District Election officer) 02-01-2019 Circular
Estab/19/20282-95 (Promotions) 01-01-2019 Order
Estab/18/19970-20069 (Prof. Rahul Gupta) 26-12-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/3417-66 (Date extended for PBAS submission) 18-12-2018 Order
Estab/18/19510-609 (Supperannuation) 18-12-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/3319-3368 (Prof. J.P Singh Joorel) 14-12-2018 Order
CWE/18/501-550 (Declaration of CBCS results) 10-12-2018 Circular
Estab/18/19041-57 (Adjustments/ Promotions) 06-12-2018 Order
Estab/18/18041-19040 (Application Form cum Nomination Form for Group Personal Accidental Insurance Policy) 06-12-2018 Circular
F.Acd/I/18/11513-11592 (Meeting of Academic Council) 04-12-2018 Circular
Estab/18/17692-791 (Group Personal Accidental Insurance Policy) 30-11-2018 Order
Estab/18/17534-633 (Supperannuation) 29-11-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/3072-82 (84th University Council Meeting Resolution No. 84.04 dated 10-04-2018) 20-11-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/3022-71 (UGC (Minimum qualification for appointment of Teachers & other Academic Staff)) 20-11-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/2914-63 (CAS (Eligible teachers/ Deputy Librarians/ Asstt. Librarians)) 14-11-2018 Circular
Estab/18/16995-17094 (Panchayat Election) 14-11-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/2018/2861-80 (Dr. Shubhnandan Singh Jamwal) 09-11-2018 Order
Estab/18/16482-550 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 05-11-2018 Order
Coord/Cir_UC/18/4539-4638 (85th meeting of the University Council) 02-11-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/2018/2782-2831 (VOC for obtaining VISA) 02-11-2018 Circular
F.Acd/I/18/10884-10964 (Meeting of Academic Council) 02-11-2018 Circular
Estab/18/16264-363 (Prof. Anil Kumar Raina, Prof. Falender Kumar) 01-11-2018 Order
Estab/18/16230-43 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 01-11-2018 Order
Estab/18/16104-16203 (Screening Committee) 31-10-2018 Circular
Estab/18/15996-16095 (Prof. R.K Ganjoo) 31-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/15892-925 (Adjustments/ Promotions) 30-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/15443-542 (Service book of newly designated helpers/ Assistant workers) 25-10-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/2706-20 (Superannuation) 24-10-2018 Order
DAA/18/4588-50 (Student Aid Fund) 21-10-2018 Circular
Estab/18/15144-243 (Dr. Sanjay Gupta) 19-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/15118-143 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 19-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/15000-15099 (Promoted to Assistant Registrar) 19-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/14891-990 (Prof. Naresh Padha, Prof. Meena Sharma) 17-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/14791-890 (Prof. Jasbir Singh) 17-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/14691-790 (Computer type test of eligible class-IV employee) 17-10-2018 Notification
Estab/18/14247-346 (Meetings of the University Syndicate & Finance Committee) 10-10-2018 Circular
F.Acd/II/18/10273-10372 (Prof. Vibhakar Mansotra) 10-10-2018 Notification
Estab/18/13840-62 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 03-10-2018 Order
Estab/18/13614-713 (Prof. Shailendra Singh Jamwal) 28-09-2018 Order
Estab/18/13513-612 (J&K Govt. Employees Group Health Insurance) 28-09-2018 Circular
Estab/18/12841-940 (Time and Resources during the conduct of various Academic Activities/ Seminars) 24-09-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/2161-2210 (Dr. Rajeev Rattan) 24-09-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/1360-99 (Minimum Qualifications for appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff) 17-09-2018 Order
Estab/18/12480-579 (Persons completed 07 years or more services till 26-09-2018) 17-09-2018 Circular
Estab/18/12311-12412 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 14-09-2018 Order
Estab/18/12211-12310 (Prof. Naresh Padha) 14-09-2018 Order
Estab/18/11913-12012 (Engagement of Class-IV employee) 10-09-2018 Circular
F.Acd/II/18/9270-9349 (Prof. Shohab Inayat Malik) 05-09-2018 Notification
Estab/18/11635-44 (Sh. Guneet Singh Sudan) 05-09-2018 Order
Estab/18/11619-30 (Promotions) 04-09-2018 Order
Estab/18/11414-513 (Seminars/ Workshop/ Lecture series to be organized) 04-09-2018 Circular
Estab/18/11390-413 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 04-09-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/1672-1721 (Dr. Prakash Chand) 29-08-2018 Order
Estab/18/10773-803 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 20-08-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/1221-70 (83rd University Council Resolution No. 83.32 dated 24-10-2017) 16-08-2018 Order
Estab/18/10406-505 (Wastage of papers) 09-08-2018 Circular
Cash/2018/39-90 (Installation of POS Machine) 08-08-2018 Circular
Estab/18/10029-10129 (Officers to relieve the officials working under their kind control) 07-08-2018 Circular
Estab/18/9809-9908 (84th University Council Resolution No. 84.31 dated 29-11-2017) 06-08-2018 Order
Coord/Cir/18/4309-58 (114th meeting of the University Syndicate) 02-08-2018 Circular
Estab/18/9738-49 (Adjustment) 02-08-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/1189-1238 (Prof. R.K Bamzai, Prof. Monika Sethi) 31-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/9500-9600 (Change in Venue : Vice-Chancellor's interaction with Faculty, Office, Associations/ Forums & elected Departmental Students/ Scholars) 31-07-2018 Circular
Estab/18/9371-9470 (Vice-Chancellor's interaction with Faculty, Office, Associations/ Forums & elected Departmental Students/ Scholars) 30-07-2018 Circular
Estab/18/9205-9304 (Officers to relieve the officials working under their kind control) 27-07-2018 Circular
Estab/18/9042-9141 (Prof. Manoj Kumar Dhar) 25-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/8787-8886 (Dr. Anupama Vohra) 23-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/8687-8786 (Prof. Satnam Kour) 23-07-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/1061-1110 (Dr. Baljit Singh) 20-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/8354-8453 (Dr. B.K Bajaj, Dr. Anil Gupta, Dr. Garima Gupta) 16-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/8179-8206 (Relieving Orders) 11-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/8050-8149 (Adjustments/ Transfers) 10-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/7799-7807 (Ms. Sumita Sharma, Ms Dritika Singh, Sh. Guneet Sudan) 03-07-2018 Order
Estab/18/7717-38 (Adjustments) 02-07-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/678-728 (Committee to conduct interviews of Contractual Lecturer) 29-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/7534-7633 (JUICCASH) 27-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/7198-7220 (Vocational Non-Teaching Staff) 22-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/6007-7006 (Performa to fix the pay as per the 7th pay commission) 20-06-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/C&R/18/551-600 (Enhancement of salary in favour of Contractual Lecturer) 07-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/5184-96 (Adjustments) 06-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/5081-5179 (Prof. Parvinder Kour) 06-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/4839-4938 (Prof. Vinod Sharma) 01-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/4790-4820 (Adjustments) 01-06-2018 Order
Estab/18/4777-89 (Adjustments) 01-06-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/447-97 (Engagement of contractual faculty) 28-05-2018 Circular
Estab/18/4276-4375 (Search Committee) 25-05-2018 Circular
JU/DSW/2018-19/272-77 (M/s The Eat Point, Canteen) 22-05-2018 Order
Estab/18/3761-3860 (Official Email ID's) 21-05-2018 Circular
Estab/18/3537-3636 (Superannuation) 16-05-2018 Circular
Estab/18/3363-3462 (Class-IV Employees) 15-05-2018 Circular
Coord./UC(const.)/2018-21/3900-3999 (Prof. Kuldeep Singh Charak) 15-05-2018 Notification
Adm/TW/18/496-545 (Enclosed proforma for faculty members) 14-05-2018 Circular
Estab/18/3160-3259 (Speedy communication & disposal of cases) 14-05-2018 Circular
Estab/18/3041-3140 (UNDERTAKING as per proforma) 11-05-2018 Circular
Estab/18/2827-57 (Adjustments) 08-05-2018 Order
Estab/18/2703-2802 (Information not to carry Aadhaar Number of any concerned individual) 08-05-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/352-401 (Superannuation) 04-05-2018 Order
Estab/18/2290-2389 (Dr. Susheel Kumar Sharma, Dr. Yog Raj Sharma) 02-05-2018 Order
Estab/18/2270-85 (Adjustments) 01-05-2018 Order
Estab/18/2125-33 (Sh. Imran Farooq, Sh. Om Parkash) 27-04-2018 Order
Estab/18/2105-23 (Adjustments) 27-04-2018 Order
Estab/18/803-802 (Class-IV : Promotion to the post of Junior Assistant) 26-04-2018 Circular
F.Acd/I/18/1059-1158 (Academic Council) 23-04-2018 Circular
Estab/18/620-719 (Prof. Satnam Kour Raina, Prof. Parmeshwari Sharma, Dr. Neeraj Sharma, Sh. Khem Paul Singh Sambyal) 20-04-2018 Order
JU/DSW/2018/70-72 (M/S Canteen Contractor, Nehru Hall Boys Hostel) 19-04-2018 Order
Estab/18/367-74 (Sh. Guneet Sudan) 11-04-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/178-227 (Dr. Shyam Narayan Lal) 10-04-2018 Order
F.Acd/I/18/355-414 (Extension of Wi-Fi facility in the Hostels (Boys & Girls)) 09-04-2018 Notification
Adm/TW/18/24-73 (Prof. Ram Bahadur, Prof. Neelam Saraf, Prof. Lalit Sen Sharma) 04-04-2018 Order
Estab/18/49-76 (Adjustment) 02-04-2018 Order
Estab/18/23545-93 (Relieving Order) 23-03-2018 Order
F.Acd/I/18/17967-18066 (Academic Council) 14-03-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/6124-173 (Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta) 13-03-2018 Order
Estab/18/22943-23043 (Relieve the incumbents who are under transfer) 13-03-2018 Circular
Coord/Cir/18/2137-2236 (84th Meeting of the University Council) 07-03-2018 Circular
Estab/18/22239-338 (Govt Order No. 27-F of 2018 dated 25.01.2018) 05-03-2018 Order
Estab/18/22139-238 (Prof. Pawanesh Abrol) 05-03-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/2730-35 (78th Kashmir University Council Meeting Resolution No. 78.21 dated 24.10.2017) 02-03-2018 Order
Estab/18/22092-106 (Promotions) 02-03-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/6012-6061 (Dr. Avtar Singh Jasrotia) 02-03-2018 Order
Estab/18/21747-846 (Persons completed 07 years or more services till 03-03-2018) 28-02-2018 Circular
Estab/18/21518-617 (Prof. Neeru Sharma) 26-02-2018 Order
F.Acd/I/18/17229-234 (Committees for 17th Convocation) 23-02-2018 Notification
F.Acd/I/18/17106-17205 (17th University Convocation- Rehearsal on February 28, 2018) 23-02-2018 Circular
F.Acd/I/18/17065-17072 (Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Committees for 17th Convocation) 22-02-2018 Notification
JU/SS/18/2660-2730 (Vechiles in the common pool) 22-02-2018 Circular
F.Acd/I/18/17074-17082 (Committees for 17th Convocation) 22-02-2018 Notification
Adm/TW/18/5844-893 (Dr. Raj Kumar Rampal) 21-02-2018 Order
Estab/18/21342-92 (Transfers/ Adjustments) 19-02-2018 Order
F.Acd/I/18/16241-16340 (Committees for 17th Convocation) 08-02-2018 Notification
Estab/18/20659-77 (Transfers/ Adjustments) 30-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/20645-58 (Transfers/ Adjustments) 30-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/20623-39 (Transfers/ Adjustments) 30-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/5572-5642 (PBAS) 24-01-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/18/5499-5569 (Dr. Arvind Jasrotia) 24-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/19990-20090 (Amendment made in the J&K Govt. Employees Conduct rules, 1971 vide notification no. GAD/Mfg/RB-IV/43/2017 dated 26.12.2017) 22-01-2018 Circular
Estab/18/19869-968 (112nd University Syndicate Resolution No. 112.25 dated 21-08-2017) 19-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/5333-5403 (Dr. Vishav Raksha (Corrigendum)) 18-01-2018 Corrigendum
Adm/TW/C&R/18/2375-2425 (83rd University Council meeting resolution no. 83.18 dated 24-10-2017) 16-01-2018 Order
GH/JU/17-18/150-170 (Guest House Booking) 15-01-2018 Circular
Estab/18/19388-487 (Prof. Yash Pal Sharma (Provost Hostel)) 15-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/18/5198-5268 (Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta) 12-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/19275-374 (Class-IV substitutes) 12-01-2018 Circular
Estab/C&R/NTW/18/3384-3387 (Work Supervisor Mohd. Hanifa) 11-01-2018 Notice
Adm/TW/18/5100-5169 (Dr. Vishav Raksha) 11-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/2300-49 (83rd University Council meeting resolution no. 83.23 dated 24-10-2017) 09-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/2250-99 (83rd University Council meeting resolution no. 83.29 dated 24-10-2017) 09-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/18/2200-49 (University Council resolution no. 83.29 dated 24-10-2017) 09-01-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/C&R/18/2157-99 (82nd University Council meeting resolution no. 82.33 dated 22-04-2017) 09-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/18086-19085 (Guidelines for the JUICCASH) 09-01-2018 Notification
Adm/TW/C&R/17/2100-150 (83rd University Council meeting resolution no. 83.30 dated 24-10-2017) 09-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/17906-18005 (Documents submission who completed 7 years or more services till 10-01-2018) 08-01-2018 Circular
Coord./Spl_UC/17/1887-1986 (Cluster Universities) 04-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/17814-18 (Enrollment of Pensioners for Group Mediclaim Policy) 04-01-2018 Circular
Adm/TW/17/4851-4921 (Dr. Kulwant Singh) 04-01-2018 Order
Estab/18/14444-543 (Group Personal Accidental Insurance Policy) 02-01-2018 Circular
Estab/18/17212-35 (Adjustments) 01-01-2018 Order
Adm/TW/17/4754-4824 (Dr. Namrata Sharma) 28-12-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/4605-75 (CAS) 22-12-2017 Circular
Coord/Cir/17/1719-88 (113th MEETING OF THE UNIVERSITY SYNDICATE) 18-12-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/4413-62 (Superannuation of Professors/ Associate Professors) 12-12-2017 Order
Estab/17/15836-935 (Group Janta Personal Accidental Insurance Policy) 06-12-2017 Order
Estab/17/15765-76 (Project Monitoring Unit for UIET) 04-12-2017 Order
Estab/17/15615-714 (Updation of website) 04-12-2017 Circular
Estab/17/15445-544 (Furnish the details of Email id & Contact No.) 29-11-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/4266-4316 (Prof. Desh Bandhu) 28-11-2017 Order
Estab/17/15219-318 (District Panchayat Election Officer) 24-11-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/4069-4139 (Prof. Devanand) 16-11-2017 Order
Estab/17/14813-912 (Superannuation) 15-11-2017 Order
Estab/17/14788-97 (Sh. Sham Lal) 14-11-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/1827-39 (Dr. Mohd. Monir Alam) 09-11-2017 Order
Dev/2017-18/973P/1215-1305 (Planning Board) 02-11-2017 Circular
Estab/17/14301-10 (Smt. Usha Kumari) 01-11-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/3831-81 (Prof. Desh Bandhu) 01-11-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/3728-98 (CAS) 30-10-2017 Circular
Estab/17/13906-14005 (Superannuation) 26-10-2017 Circular
HCUJ/17-18/630-700 (Free Medical Camp) 18-10-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/3576-3626 (Departmental Affairs Committee) 17-10-2017 Circular
Fin/2017-18/5603-83 (Finance Wing Circular/ Orders) 13-10-2017 Circular
Estab/17/13215-314 (Request to submit APR's/ Work and Conduct Reports) 11-10-2017 Circular
Estab/17/13163-79 (Relieving Order) 10-10-2017 Order
Estab/NTW/C&R/17/2843-46 (Marks/ Point obtained by the applicant of Medical Officer, Statistician & Laboratory Assistant (Geology) ) 10-10-2017 Notice
Fin/2017-18/5336-5416 (Rates for Refilling of Toners & Cartridges) 09-10-2017 Order
Fin/2017-18/5417-5497 (Rates of branded furniture) 09-10-2017 Order
Fin/2017-18/5255-5355 (Purchase of Photocopier and Fax machines) 09-10-2017 Order
Fin/2017-18/5174-5254 (Rates for the repair of furniture) 09-10-2017 Order
Fin/2017-18/5093-5173 (Rates of different kinds of Photostat paper and Printing paper) 09-10-2017 Order
Fin/2017-18/5012-92 (Rates of Inverter & Batteries) 09-10-2017 Order
Fin/2017-18/5007-11 (Sub-committee of the Central Purchase Committe) 09-10-2017 Order
Estab/17/13098-107 (Smt. Amita Gupta) 09-10-2017 Order
Estab/17/13037-97 (Adjustments) 09-10-2017 Order
F.Acd/I/17/10720-10819 (Academic Council) 28-09-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/3134-3204 (Dr. P.V.K.S Baba) 27-09-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/3063-3133 (Dr. Romesh Kumar) 27-09-2017 Order
Estab/17/12050-149 (Prof. Darshana Sharma) 25-09-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/2920-2990 (Dr. Shubhnandan Singh Jamwal) 21-09-2017 Order
Estab/17/11386-485 (Junior Assistant list) 18-09-2017 Order
Adm.TW/C&R/17/1096-46 (Committee for conduct of engagement of contractual Lecturers/ Teaching Assistants for UIET) 15-09-2017 Order
F.Acd/II/17/10064-10193 (Prof. Kulwant Singh) 15-09-2017 Notification
F.Acd/II/17/9822-9951 (Prof. Rahul Gupta) 14-09-2017 Notification
Estab/17/10997-11096 (Online Student's Grievance portal) 11-09-2017 Circular
Estab/17/10897-996 (Ms. Ginny Dogra) 11-09-2017 Order
Estab/17/10730-38 (Committee for monitoring the functioning of the University Website) 07-09-2017 Order
Coord/Cir/17/1222-72 (83rd Meeting of the University Council) 05-09-2017 Circular
Estab/17/10454-553 (Use of RTI for Development of Transparent Administration) 05-09-2017 Circular
Adm.TW/C&R/17/987-1037 (Committee for conduct of engagement of contractual Lecturers/ Teaching Assistants) 04-09-2017 Order
Estab/17/10331-49 (Promotion) 01-09-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/2536-2606 (CAS) 31-08-2017 Circular
Estab/17/9996-10096 (Salary for the month of August) 28-08-2017 Order
Estab/17/9864-9963 (Sh. Kuldeep Raj) 28-08-2017 Order
F.Acd/II/17/9007-9106 (Prof. Arvind Jasrotia) 25-08-2017 Order
F.Acd/I/17/8816-8915 (Academic Council) 24-08-2017 Circular
Estab/17/9734-9833 (Prof. Parmeshwari Sharma) 24-08-2017 Order
Estab/17/9593-9692 (Updation of Jammu University Website) 24-08-2017 Circular
F.Acd/I/17/8271-8330 (Issuance of Provisional Certificates/ Rank Certificates/ DST Certificates etc) 16-08-2017 Notification
Dev/2017-18/973P/772-862 (Meeting of Planning Board) 16-08-2017 Circular
Estab/17/7457-7556 (Computer Type Test) 16-08-2017 Notification
Fin/2017-18/3307-67 (GST Act, 2017) 10-08-2017 Circular
Estab/17/9157-9256 (Pledge taking ceremony) 08-08-2017 Circular
Estab/17/8607-8706 (Respect be paid to National Anthem) 02-08-2017 Circular
F.Acd/I/17/7878-7977 (UIET) 01-08-2017 Notification
Adm/TW/17/2113-62 (Prof. Seema Langer, Prof. Pawan Kumar) 31-07-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/2042-91 (Dr. Desh Bandhu) 31-07-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/1935-84 (Dr. Baljeet Kaur) 27-07-2017 Order
F.Acd/I/17/7573-7672 (Pattern of Question Papers for the UG 1st & 2nd semesters (CBCS)) 26-07-2017 Notification
F.Acd/I/17/7491-7571 (Trend of admission in the last three years) 26-07-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/1847-97 (Dr. Kedar Nath Sharma) 25-07-2017 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/17/787-827 (Engagement of faculty on contract basis) 25-07-2017 Circular
DAA/17/2450-2500 (Purchase of Dongle of Airtel/ Aircel) 20-07-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/1676-1725 (Prof. Jasbir Singh) 19-07-2017 Order
Estab/17/7241-340 (Prof. J.P Singh Joorel) 18-07-2017 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/17/643-63 (University Council resolution No 82.32 as passed) 10-07-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/1419-89 (Prof. Keshav Sharma) 30-06-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/1334-1404 (Empanelment/ appointment of Adjunct Faculty) 30-06-2017 Order
Estab/17/6229-6328 (Incorporate Energy Efficient measures) 27-06-2017 Circular
Estab/17/6129-88 (Placement/ Promotional scheme of Assistant Registrar/ Other equivalent Isolated Category Officers) 27-06-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/1188-1238 (Superannuation) 19-06-2017 Order
Estab/17/5714-5813 (Leave for longer durations) 19-06-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/1094-1164 (CAS) 14-06-2017 Circular
PE/17/374 (The Yoga Centre) 05-06-2017 Circular
DAA/17/1093-1148 (Green Cess) 02-06-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/829-899 (Prof. Raju Goyal) 31-05-2017 Order
Adm/TW/C&R/17/476-81 (Selection criteria for the post of Assistant Professor) 26-05-2017 Notification
No./Coord/Cir/17/700 (Meeting of the Syndicate) 23-05-2017 Circular
Fin./2017-18/1305-1384 (DDE Cafeteria Rates) 22-05-2017 Order
Estab/17/4058-4157 (Personal Interaction) 22-05-2017 Circular
Estab/17/3861-960 (Prof. Vinay Chouhan) 19-05-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/551-620 (Dr. V.V.V Nagendra Rao) 16-05-2017 Order
Estab/17/3535-3634 (Chief Minister's Gold Medal) 15-05-2017 Circular
Estab/17/3340-3439 (CAS) 12-05-2017 Circular
Estab/17/3214-3313 (Personal Interaction) 12-05-2017 Circular
Estab/17/2774-2873 (Computer Type Test) 08-05-2017 Circular
F.Acd/I/17/859-958 (National Academic Depository Cell) 27-04-2017 Notification
Estab/17/861-960 (Progress Report) 19-04-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/124-193 (Dr. Rakesh Vaid) 18-04-2017 Order
F.Acd/I/17/280-359 (Handling charges @500/- seeking admission to LLB (3 yrs & 5 yrs)) 12-04-2017 Notification
Estab/17/454-553 (Superannuation) 11-04-2017 Circular
Estab/17/354-453 (Superannuation) 11-04-2017 Circular
DAA/17/079-149 (Cluster University) 10-04-2017 Circular
Estab/17/110-209 (No Work No Pay stands withdrawn) 07-04-2017 Circular
Fin./2016-17/II/12546-12626 (Detailed Heads of Account) 31-03-2017 Circular
F.Acd/I/17/17830-929 (Academic Council) 30-03-2017 Circular
F.Acd/17/17790-801 (Three months Certificate course in Punjabi) 27-03-2017 Notification
Adm/TW/17/6506-55 (Minimum Qualifications for appointment of teachers & other Academic Staff) 24-03-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/6220-6270 (Prof. Deepak Raj Gupta) 08-03-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/6160-6209 (Prof. Neelu Rohmetra) 08-03-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/11481-11561 (Rates of Printing Papers) 07-03-2017 Order
JU/DSW/2016-17/10099-10179 (Polythene Free Zone) 07-03-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/C&R/17/3625-75 (Selection Process) 07-03-2017 Order
FCoord./UC(const.)/2015-18/453-512 (pROF. d.s mANHAS) 06-03-2017 Notification
Estab/17/30009-108 (No Work No Pay) 03-03-2017 Circular
F.Acd/I/17/17051-254 (Committees for 17th Convocation of University of Jammu) 01-03-2017 Notification
Estab/17/29582-681 (GPS/ NPS) 28-02-2017 Circular
Estab/17/29475-574 (Dr. Jatinder Khajuria) 28-02-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/6004-6018 (Prof. Anju Bhasin) 28-02-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/5954-6003 (Dr. Susheel Kumar Sharma) 28-02-2017 Order
F.Acd/I/17/16639-769 (Prof. Anita Kumari & Prof. Naresh Padha) 22-02-2017 Notification
Adm/TW/2017/5836-5885 (Print & Electronic media) 22-02-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/5784-5833 (Superannuation) 21-02-2017 Order
Estab/17/29214-29313 (Adoption of Circular No. 22GAD(vig) of 2015 dated 10-07-2015) 21-02-2017 Circular
F.Acd/I/17/16498-597 (Department of Electronics) 20-02-2017 Notification
DAA/17/7290-7325 (Educational tour) 15-02-2017 Circular
DAA/17/7254-89 (Permission for condoning attendance for taking Minor-I exam) 15-02-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/5677-26 (Prof. Anju Bhasin) 14-02-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/5592-5642 (Grievance Redressal Cell) 13-02-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9897-9976 (Rates of Telephone & Allied Accessories) 25-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9816-9896 (Rates of Fire Extinguisher) 25-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9692-9770 (Rates of different kinds of Printing Papers) 24-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9601-80 (Rates of Identity Cards) 24-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9521-9600 (Rates of Vertical Blinds) 24-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9441-9520 (Rates of Hot & Cold weather Items) 24-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9361-9440 (Rates of Invertor & Batteries) 24-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9281-9360 (Rates for purchase of Boards, Name Plates & Flex Banner) 24-01-2017 Order
F.Acd/I/17/15717-97 (Application Fee & Inspection Fee from Degree Colleges for the grant of new stream) 23-01-2017 Notification
Adm/TW/17/5238-88 (Creation of post of Dean, Planning & Development) 23-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/9142-9202 (Procurement of goods & services & management of stores in the University) 19-01-2017 Circular
Estab/17/26793-892 (Seniority list of Section Officers) 18-01-2017 Circular
CDC/2017/4584-86 (Statues governing affiliation of Colleges & Other Institutions) 12-01-2017 Order
F.Acd/II/17/15056-155 (The term of the Convener, Board of Studies, Head/ Director) 11-01-2017 Circular
Estab/17/26223-26322 (Prof. Haq Nawaz Sheikh) 10-01-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/4937-87 (Prof. Pawanesh Kumar) 10-01-2017 Order
DAA/17/6362-6412 (VISAKA) 09-01-2017 Circular
Adm/TW/17/4854-4904 (Promotion to the higher grade of Professorship) 06-01-2017 Order
DAA/17/6236-6286 (Consultancy Norms) 04-01-2017 Circular
F.Acd/II/16/14804-903 (Deans & HODs) 04-01-2017 Notification
F.Acd/II/17/14592-791 (Conveners, Head/ Director) 04-01-2017 Notification
Fin./2016-17/8427-8526 (Liveries & Uniforms) 02-01-2017 Order
Adm/TW/17/4682-4727 (Dr. Parikshat Singh Manhas) 02-01-2017 Order
Fin./2016-17/8256-8355 (Rates of Fire Extinguishers) 29-12-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/8155-8254 (Rates of Computer Accessories, SMF Batteries, Computer Paper, On-Line/ Off-Line UPS) 28-12-2016 Order
Adm/TW/2016/4430-79 (Child Care Leave) 26-12-2016 Circular
Coord/Synd-I/16/10300-400 (University Council) 26-12-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/4347-96 (Modification) 22-12-2016 Circular
DAA/16/5772-5822 (Workload) 21-12-2016 Circular
F.Acd/I/16/14170-269 (Nomenclature of Human Genetic) 19-12-2016 Circular
Accounts/Salary/2016/409-509 (PRAN) 14-12-2016 Circular
Estab/16/22299-399 (Most Urgent) 08-12-2016 Circular
DAA/16/5274-5305 (Winter Break) 06-12-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/3950-4000 (Kashmir University Council) 06-12-2016 Circular
Coord/Synd-I/16/10016-10115 (111th meeting of University Syndicate) 21-11-2016 Circular
Estab/16/21029-70 (Relieving Order) 11-11-2016 Order
Estab/16/20739-838 (Contractuals/ Adhoc/ Consolidated/ Casual Labour basis) 09-11-2016 Circular
Estab/16/20204-303 (Code of Conduct & Ethical standards) 04-11-2016 Circular
Estab/16/20092-20192 (Superannuation) 04-11-2016 Order
Estab/16/12619-718 (Sh. Imran Farooq) 28-10-2016 Order
F.Acd/I/16/12173-12272 (Academic Council) 28-10-2016 Circular
DAA/16/4400-50 (Department/Offsite Campus) 27-10-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/3418-67 (Career Advancement Scheme) 25-10-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/6461-6535 (Supply of Canon Brand Equipments) 25-10-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/6270-6354 (Purchases of Computers, Laptop, Printers, Scanners & other related items) 24-10-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/6369-6453 (Purchases of Handloom/ Textile items) 24-10-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/3316-65 (Dr. Jyoti Vakhlu) 18-10-2016 Order
F.Acd/I/16/11483-11582 (Academic Council) 07-10-2016 Circular
Estab/16/11814-913 (New Pension Scheme) 06-10-2016 Circular
Estab/16/11576-11675 (Tentative Seniority list of Junior Assistants) 06-10-2016 Circular
Estab/16/11295-11394 (Computer test Class-IV) 03-10-2016 Notification
Adm/TW/2016/3137-87 (PBAS) 30-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/11150-11249 (NAAC) 29-09-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/3007-3057 (Prof. Desh Bandhu) 26-09-2016 Order
Adm/TW/2016/2956-3006 (Dr. Kavita Suri) 26-09-2016 Order
JU/DSW/2016/6087-6187 (DSW) 26-09-2016 Circular
PE/16/1747-53 (T-20 Cricket Tournament 2016) 25-09-2016 Circular
JU/DSW/2016/5934-6034 (DSW) 25-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/10414-513 (NAAC) 23-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/9943-10042, 100065-10164, 10165-10264, 10265-10364 (NAAC) 22-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/9262-9361 (Computer test Class-IV) 17-09-2016 Notification
Estab/16/9047-9146 (Dr. Taranum Nasar Khan) 17-09-2016 Order
Estab/16/9743-9842 (NAAC) 15-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/9606-9705 (NAAC) 09-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/9506-9605 (NAAC) 09-09-2016 Circular
Fin./2016-17/5090-5170 (Rates of Furniture) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/5011-5089 (Repair of Water Purifier) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/4931-5010 (Purchase of Local Furniture) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/4851-4930 (Installation of Air-conditioner) 06-09-2016 Circular
Fin./2016-17/4771-4850 (Purchase of Stationery Items) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/4691-4770 (Purchase of Pre-printed Receipts) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/4611-4690 (Purchase of Photocopier & Fax Machines) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/4531-4610 (Repair of Local Furniture) 06-09-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/4451-4530 (Purchase of Water Purifier) 06-09-2016 Order
Estab/16/9276-9375 (Career Advancement Scheme) 08-09-2016 Circular
F.Acd/I/16/10233-300 (MOUs) 05-09-2016 Circular
JU/DSW/2016/4330-4480 (Aadhar Card Enrollment) 02-09-2016 Circular
Estab/16/8606-66 (Sh. Raman Gupta, I/C Director) 01-09-2016 Order
Estab/16/8483-8582 (Prof. M.A Malik, Director) 31-08-2016 Order
Adm/TW/2016/2649-98 (PBAS Proformas) 31-08-2016 Order
Adm/TW/2016/26713-62 (Dr. Seema Langar, HOD & Coordinator) 31-08-2016 Order
Estab/16/7971-8070 (Assistant Registrar on regular basis) 23-08-2016 Order
Estab/16/7871-7970 (Deputy Registrar on regular basis) 23-08-2016 Order
F.Acd/I/16/9235-9334 (Academic Council) 22-08-2016 Circular
Estab/16/7742-7841 (Mass Singing of National Anthem) 22-08-2016 Circular
Estab/16/7372-7471 (Aadhar Based Attendance) 09-08-2016 Circular
F.Acd/I/16/7967-78 (Introduction of MDP in Geography on SF basis under CBCS) 29-07-2016 Order
Adm/TW/2016/2085-2150 (Superannuation Dr. B.C Sharma) 29-07-2016 Order
Estab/16/6297-6396 (Group Janta Personal Accidental Insurance) 28-07-2016 Order
Estab/16/6197-6296 (No work No Pay) 28-07-2016 Circular
F.Acd/I/16/7598-609 (Introduction of MDP in Geography on SF basis under CBCS) 26-07-2016 Order
Adm/TW/2016/1971-2050 (Promotion in next cadre/ stage) 26-07-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/1823-70 (NOC for obtaining VISA) 26-07-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/2016/1713-63 (Head of the Department of History) 21-07-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/3256-3336 (Refilling & Recharging of Toners) 19-07-2016 Order
DAA/16/2028-2108 (Class work commences w.e.f 25-07-2016) 18-07-2016 Circular
Estab/16/5310-5409 (DSW) 12-07-2016 Order
Estab/16/5210-5309 (DSW) 12-07-2016 Order
JU/DSW/16/2491-2572 (Campus Cultural Committee) 12-07-2016 Notification
Adm/TW/16/1408-58(Head of the Department of Sociology ) 04-07-2016 Order
Adm/TW/16/1358-1407(Head of the Department of Zoology & Coordinator, Institute of Human Genetics ) 04-07-2016 Order
Estab/16/4998-5097(07 years or more service) 08-07-2016 Circular
Estab/16/4816-4915(07 years or more service) 05-07-2016 Circular
JU/DSW/16/1707-1857 (Traffic System) 24-06-2016 Notification
Estab/16/4117-4167(Provost (Boys & Girls)) 23-06-2016 Circular
Fin./2016-17/2511-2591(Computer Purchase Committee) 22-06-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/2430-2510(Computer Purchase Committee) 22-06-2016 Order
Fin./2016-17/2349-2429 (Computer Purchase Committee) 22-06-2016 Order
DAA/16/1210-70 (Examination Block-II inaugurated by Chief Minister) 10-06-2016 Circular
CWS/2016/2121-95 (Yoga Training Camp) 09-06-2016 Circular
Estab/16/3080-3179 (Computer type test Class-IV) 07-06-2016 Notification
Adm/TW/16/877-927(Head of the Department of Geology) 31-05-2016 Order
Dev./2016-17/973P/314-404 (Meeting of the Planning Board) 30-05-2016 Circular
Estab/16/2572-2671(Public Information Officer-II) 27-05-2016 Order
F.Acd/I/16/1559-1629 16-05-2016 Circular
DAA/16/645-95 (Summer Break) 16-05-2016 Circular
Estab/16/1310-1409 (ABHIVYAKTI-2016) 12-05-2016 Circular
JU/CSC&IT/16-17/86 (Rates of Computer Consumables, UPS & Computer Accessories) 10-05-2016 Circular
Estab/16/1153-1252 (Prof. Kulwant Singh) 10-05-2016 Order
F.Acd/I/16/862-961 (Academic Council) 29-04-2016 Circular
Fin./2016-17/440-530 (Sanctions issued but not honoured) 27-04-2016 Circular
Fin./2016-17/349-439 (Last year approved rates applicable till the new rates approved) 27-04-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/16/273-323 (109th University Syndicate Resolution No. 109.21 dated 25.01.2016) 20-04-2016 Order
F.Acd/I/16/369-468 (Academic Council) 12-04-2016 Circular
F.Acd/I/16/17972-18071 (16th Convocation) 24-03-2016 Circular
Accounts/Salary/2016/2055-3054 (Income Tax Deduction) 24-03-2016 Circular
Estab/16/23870-969 (PRAN) 18-03-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/16/8077-84 15-03-2016 Order
Fin./2015-16/136-186 08-03-2016 Circular
DAA/16/8748-8818 (Holi Break) 03-03-2016 Circular
F.Acd/I/16/17046-145 02-03-2016 Circular
CDC/2016/7030-43 23-02-2016 Order
F.Acd/II/16/16681-700 23-02-2016 Order
Fin./2015-16/9265-9320 (Internet & Networking) 15-02-2016 Order
JU/IA/16/1598-1697 12-02-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/16/7647-96 12-02-2016 Order
Estab/16/21125-224 09-02-2016 Circular
Adm/TW/16/7534-90 09-02-2016 Circular
JU/IA/16/1397-1497 04-02-2016 Circular
Fin./2015-16/8409-8509 (Central Purchase) 21-01-2016 Order
Estab/16/18217-316 18-01-2016 Order
JU/DSW/2016/8864-8924 18-01-2016 Notice
Estab/16/17768-867 06-01-2016 Notification
Estab/16/17612-711 04-01-2016 Circular
F.Acd/15/14795-14805 30-12-2015 Notification
Estab/15/17248-347 29-12-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/6765-6815 23-12-2015 Circular
DAA/15/6602-82 21-12-2015 Circular
Estab/15/19342-19441 11-12-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/C&R/15/1002-52 27-11-2015 Circular
Estab/15/17604-703 18-11-2015 Circular
Estab/15/17478-577 17-11-2015 Circular
Estab/15/172113-17312 12-11-2015 Order
Estab/15/17113-212 12-11-2015 Order
DAA/15/5256-5300 27-10-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/5820-70 20-10-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/C&R/15/764 16-10-2015 Notification
DAA/15/5007-5070 15-10-2015 Circular
Estab/15/15139-238 09-10-2015 Circular
Estab/15/14936-15035 09-10-2015 Circular
Estab/15/15036-15135 09-10-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/5701-50 06-10-2015 Notification
F.Acd/I/15/10368-87 05-10-2015 Notification
Adm/TW/15/5623-93 05-10-2015 Circular
JU/CIT/15/347 30-09-2015 Circular
F.Acd/I/15/10164-173 30-09-2015 Notification
F.Acd/I/15/10015-21 29-09-2015 Notification
JU/IA/15/786-850 08-09-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/5249-98 04-09-2015 Order
Estab/15/11050-149 26-08-2015 Circular
Estab/15/5139-88 26-08-2015 Order
Estab/15/5088-5138 26-08-2015 Order
Estab/15/10765-864 24-08-2015 Circular
DAA/15/3284-92 19-08-2015 Order
Estab/15/9841-940 18-08-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/4939-70 14-08-2015 Order
Fin/2014-15/3621-3700 13-08-2015 Order
DAA/15/3024-64 13-08-2015 Circular
Fin/2015-16/II/3702-3781 13-08-2015 Circular
Estab/15/9301-400 11-08-2015 Circular
DAA/15/2862-2902 11-08-2015 Circular
F.Acd/I/15/7372-7471 05-08-2015 Order
DAA/15/2607-45 05-08-2015 Circular
Admissions/15/4468-4550 29-07-2015 Circular
Estab/15/8171-8270 29-07-2015 Circular
DAA/15/2208-2258 28-07-2015 Circular
DAA/15/2157-2207 28-07-2015 Circular
F.Acd/I/15/6749-48 27-07-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/4533-73 23-07-2015 Order
F.Acd/I/15/6502-6601 22-07-2015 Circular
Estab/15/6837-936 14-07-2015 Circular
DAA/15/1684-1744 10-07-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/4314-64 08-07-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/4193-4242 03-07-2015 Order
Estab/2015/6106-6205 01-07-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/4064-4114 29-06-2015 Order
JU/YC/15/752 18-06-2015 Circular
Estab/2015/4063-4170 05-06-2015 Order
Estab/15/3748-847 29-05-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/2015/3135-85 15-05-2015 Circular
JU/DSW/2015-16/1125-1275 15-05-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/2543-93 17-04-2015 Circular
Estab/15/20480-87 16-03-2015 Order
Estab/15/20317-20416 13-03-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/1667-1736 13-03-2015 Circular
Adm/TW/15/667-737 05-02-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/615-65 05-02-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/441-90 28-01-2015 Order
DAA/15/5812-72 23-01-2015 Circular
DAA/15/5523-83 14-01-2015 Circular
DAA/15/5446-96 08-01-2015 Circular
Estab/15/18078-84 08-01-2015 Order
Adm/TW/15/118-178 08-01-2015 Order
Estab/14/17142-241 31-12-2014 Circular
Adm/TW/14/6381-6400 30-12-2014 Order
Estab/14/17100-110 29-12-2014 Order
Acd/14/15993-16142 17-12-2014 Order
Estab/14/16004-16103 12-11-2014 Circular
Estab/14/14716-815 24-11-2014 Circular
Estab/14/I/13256-355 10-11-2014 Order
F.Acd/I/14/13528-13627 31-10-2014 Circular
Acctt/Salary/14-15/1006-1066 24-10-2014 Circular
PE/14/8518-78 15-10-2014 Circular
Adm/TW/14/5243-5313 30-09-2014 Order
Fin/2014-15/3618-98 18-09-2014 Circular
Fin/2014-15/3422-3502 11-09-2014 Order
PA/REG/14/166-265 23-09-2014 Circular
Adm/TW/14/4577-4620 22-08-2014 Order
DAA/14/3089-3120 05-08-2014 Order
Adm/TW/14/3980-4029 01-08-2014 Order
Adm/TW/14/3837-3907 30-07-2014 Circular
DAA/14/778-850 09-06-2014 Order
Estab/14/1292-391 28-04-2014 Order
Estab/14/1158-89 25-04-2014 Circular
Adm/TW/14/1304-74 25-02-2014 Circular
Fin./2013-14/2233-313 24-02-2014 Circular
Estab/14/24087-186 21-02-2014 Circular
Estab/14/24187-286 21-02-2014 Circular
Estab/14/22755-854 01-02-2014 Order
JU/DSW/2014/6358-6558 31-01-2014 Circular
Adm/TW/14/689-759 28-01-2014 Order
Adm/TW/14/622-72 25-01-2014 Circular
Estab/14/20745-844 23-01-2014 Circular
Estab/14/20845-944 23-01-2014 Order
DAA/14/8504-54 22-01-2014 Circular
F.Acd/I/14/500-599 18-01-2014 Circular 
Estab/14/20139-238 17-01-2014 Order
Adm/TW/14/90-140 03-01-2014 Order
Estab/14/19011-19110 03-01-2014 Order
Establ/13/18838-937 02-01-2014 Circular
Adm/TW/14/8593-692 01-01-2014 Order (Transfers and Adjustments)
Adm/TW/14/8693-792 01-01-2014 Order (Transfers and Adjustments)
JU/F&Sty/13/1828-1927 17-12-2013 Circular 
Adm/TW/13/7436-86 13-12-2013 Circular 
Establ/13/16630-70 12-12-2013 Order (Transfers and Adjustments)
Establ/13/16307-406 11-12-2013 Order
Establ/13/16025-124 06-12-2013 Order
Establ/13/13446-545 13-11-2013 Order
HCUJ/13/647-700 11-11-2013 Mental & Dental check up camp
Establ/13/13153-78 08-11-2013 MOU with any Foreign Educational Institutions
Establ/13/13179-203 08-11-2013 Organization of International Seminars/Conferences
Establ/13/12795-819 01-11-2013 Order
Estab/13/11681-11780 25-10-2013 Prof. Pankaj Srivastava, Dept. of Geology (Dean Student Welfare)
PGD/PSY/13/304 15-10-2013 MENTAL HEALTH CAMP
DAA/13/6056-6120 08-10-2013 DIWALI BREAK w.e.f 1st Nov. 2013 to 7th Nov. 2013