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Cente for History and Culture of Jammu and Ladakh Regions :-

The department of History had been conducting research pertaining to history and culture of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh regions since its inception. The department was and having a comprehensive and coherent account of the history and culture of Jammu and Ladakh. This was primarily because of the fact that most of research fellows who had worked on Jammu and Kashmir and those continue to work have focused and continue to focus their attention only on Kashmir, which is just one of the three provinces constituting the state of J&K.

With the result we have several works, which give us minute details about almost all the aspects of Kashmir's life. But as far as Jammu and Ladakh (which constitute over half of the State's population and over 90 percent of the State's land area) do not have any work which could throw ample light on the history and culture of the said two regions. This is the most serious shortcoming.

The Centre is focusing its special attention on the neglected but highly important aspects of the history and culture of the areas, as also to reconcile the history of Jammu and Ladakh witht the history of Kashmir.

Centre for History and Culture of Jammu and Ladakh Regions was established in 1994-95.

Prof. Shyam Narayan Lal (Ph. D.)
Ancient/ Early Medival India
Anjuman Ara (M. Phill)
Medival India

The Centre is conducting regular fieldwork undertaken by the Research Assistant and fellows of the Centre and include :

  1. Mapping of the sites of the historical and cultural importance in Jammu and Ladakh. Maps are to be prepared on the following subjects :

    a) Languages spoken, b) Historical - Archaeological sites, c) Routes - international trade routes and internal routes, d) Location of Gumpas and Chortens, Monasteries in Ladakh, e) Religions, f) Cultural map of Ladakh regions, g) General Zorwar Singh's campaign.

  2. Search for inscriptions in Jammu Ladakh. To prepare manual or Photocopies of inscriptions.
  3. Collection of cultural remains such as old implements, discarded household articles and furniture, old agricultural implements, old garments and ornaments, old things of historical - cultural value.
  4. Recording - indigenous folk songs such as Karaks and Bars like Jadian, Gojri and Ritual songs.
  5. To prepare documentaries on possible visual material on folk culture and life.
  6. Collection of old documents, letters, Sanads and Pattas etc in Takari, Persian, Sharda and Sanskrit, which should be obtained in original or photocopies.
  7. Collection of Dogri, Persian, Sanskrit, Bodhi, Sharda, Urdu, Hindi, MSS in full and original, relevant to Jammu and Ladakh History and Culture.

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