......Some important dates have been extended...... The 49th National Seminar on Crystallography is being organized in association with Indian Crystallographic Association (ICA) and INSA - National Committee on crystallography for International Union of Crystallography (INSA-IUCr). This is an annual event of ICA and it provides an excellent opportunity to crystallographers from all over the country to meet and deliberate on complementary aspects of crystallographic research using X-rays and neutron beam. The field of crystallography takes into its fold the disciplines like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Crystal Growth, Crystal Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, etc. The importance of this multidisciplinary field of science can be felt by the fact that since 1901, fifty-six Noble Prizes have been awarded in the field of X-ray Crystallography for their scientific achievements directly related to, or involving the use of, crystallographic methods and techniques.

It is a matter of pride to share with the community that University of Jammu happens to be the only university in the country which has hosted four NSCs in the past (1986, 1992, 2002, 2010) and this becomes the number five. The amount of confidence and faith reposed in us by the INSA- National Committees on Crystallography and ICA of present and yesteryears has made it possible to host this national activity once again at Jammu. The nucleus of crystallography as established by our mentors, during early eighties, has enabled the research laboratory at Jammu University to become a viable centre for small molecule crystallography research. It is expected that the delegates from the regional, national and international level shall have a very fruitful time in Jammu and that the University of Jammu will serve as a good platform for scientific exchanges to happen covering all aspects of X-ray crystallography.