As per the University Calendar, Annexure-III, Vol.-II (University Council Resolution 81.09), it is mandatory to check the University research output using the plagiarism software provided by INFLIBNET.


The University Council vide its Notification 01 of 2017 dated 06-01-2017 approved the detailed Guidelines for Checking Plagiarism in the University research output which includes Theses / Synopsis / Dissertations / Abstracts / Research Papers / Publications. The guidelines are also notified by the University of Jammu.

As per University Grants Commission (Promotion of Academic Integrity and Prevention of Plagiarism in Higher Education Institutions) Regulations, 2018 dated:  23rd July, 2018, Dhanvantri Library supports teaching and research activities by checking the research output of the University of Jammu for Plagiarism. The plagiarism software will check the submitted documents for similarity against three central source areas: the internet, the published material and previously submitted student material.


Format for Submitting the document for plagiarism

Modalities approved by the University of Jammu and also some of the necessary points (enlisted below) which are needed to be incorporated before sending the documents for plagiarism check in the Dhanvantri Library of the University of Jammu are enlisted below.



1.      The softcopy of the thesis / abstract / synopsis / dissertation / research paper to be submitted should be in a single file (either in Pdf or Word format) with Literature Review but without References, should be in Unicode based script only and also mention the total number of pages contained in the CD that are required to be checked for plagiarism.


2.      The softcopy of the submitted document should be duly forwarded by the Supervisor as well as recommended by the concerned Head of the Department.


3.      The concerned Head shall forward one of the two submitted CDs along with a covering letter specifying the number of pages of thesis / abstract / synopsis / dissertation / research paper to the In-charge, Dhanvantri Library for checking the degree of plagiarism. The HoD will retain one CD for official record of the department.


4.      The confidential report related to the degree of plagiarism once generated will be provided only to the Head of the concerned Department.


5.      The Supervisor will also mention his email address so that a detailed analysis report (if desired) can be provided to the Supervisor through e-mail.


6.      If the plagiarism report of the document submitted for checking is OK, then the same will be published / printed.


7.      In case when the plagiarism is found, the concerned HoD is requested to ensure that the necessary modifications as mentioned in the plagiarism report are incorporated as per the guidelines before sending the document again.


8.      The theses are to be sent to the Dhanvantri Library at least a month prior to the submission date and also provide 7 (seven) working days to the Library for issuing the confidential report in order to provide a fair chance to the scholar to modify his/her thesis, in case plagiarism is detected. The documents which are submitted a day or two prior to the submission date will not be checked for plagiarism.


9.      The Guidelines approved by the University Council regarding the Responsibility of the Scholars and Role of the Head of the Department / Role of the Supervisor should be strictly adhered.



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